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How Virtual Reality Is Helping To Empower Women

Mentioning Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the past, the first people that came to mind was geeks and gamers. However, things have changed in recent years. VR has been proposed as a tool for helping women in various ways. Be it educating employees about sexual harassment at the workplace, managing childbirth pain, or even exploiting the depths of female desire, the future looks bright as far as using VR to empower women is concerned.

You are probably aware of the old saying, ‘perception is reality.’ Basically, VR is fortified by this adage. The name “virtual reality” itself may sound ambiguous but nonetheless, this technology can shape people’s reality by simply manipulating their perceptions. VR provides a sensory immersive experience, which can cause actual psychological changes to those who are subjected to it. In particular, this technology has a lot to offer women. Here’s how VR helps to empower women.

Improved Healthcare

Women are the givers of life. During pregnancy and childbirth, they experience a lot of pain, discomfort, stress, pain, and suffering. VR applications can be used to alleviate some of these problems by enabling mothers to relax even when under pain and stress. For instance, the immersive VR experience that was recently piloted can serve as a diversion for mothers who are about to give birth, thus helping them stay calm. Ultimately, it ensures a relatively painless childbirth without necessitating the need for pain-killers.

Enhanced Intimacy

VR can be used to enhance women’s sense of intimacy by furthering their pleasure. Initially, VR was only used to produce virtual reality porn for male audiences. Recently, scientists started using VR to blend adult content with female sex education with the objective of making sex more pleasurable to women. With VR sex videos, women can have the opportunity to practice and explore their sexuality, thus giving them more experience and confidence when they are with their spouses.


Needless to say, women have more fashion options compared to men. As a result, many women find it hard to choose what suits them best. Fashion retailers and brands can use VR to help female shoppers choose apparels that they like without necessarily having to try out tens of outfits. VR shopping guarantees an immersive and fulfilling shopping experience.

Women have always been left behind as far as technological adoption is concerned. With the use of VR to empower women, the tide will certainly change in years to come.