3 Aspects About Explainer Videos You Probably Didn’t Know

Making Explainer videos For Content Marketing

Any accustomed marketer can tell you that explainer videos are the most potent marketing tools today. Most progressive website owners are increasingly embedding them on their landing pages. Large corporations are getting the most out of explainer videos by using them on trade shows and exhibitions. Most businesses are also utilizing explainer videos on YouTube Ads. While you might have watched or read articles and blog posts about explainer videos, here is a rundown of things you probably didn’t know about them:

Explainer videos are not meant to address all the customer’s queries or questions

The aim of explainer videos is not to address customers’ queries and questions. Explainer videos are created to explain a business idea to customers, usually in a simple, compelling and engaging way. So if you really want your explainer videos to turn prospects into buying customers, you need to convey your brand message in a simple way. On top of that, research has found out that videos that convert are shorter, usually between 60 to 90 seconds. The idea is not to try to fit every aspect of your product or service into the video. Also, ensure you include a powerful call to action message at the end of the explainer video. Ideally, you should explain your product or service to the customer, and state how it will help them solve their problems.

Your product explainer videos message should not be stuffed with too much detail

Most business owners think that chocking up their product messages with a lot of details will help engage customers into taking action. A simple message is the cornerstone of a compelling explainer video. It’s a good idea to be involved in the process of writing your explainer video scripts even if you’re not writing it yourself to ensure the message comes out clearly. You are the only one who knows the ins and outs of your company and customers. So any video production company should not pitch to you that they can write a compelling script without your input.

You can harness useful information from your explainer videos

Most business owners and marketers create compelling explainer videos, embed them on their landing pages, and upload them to YouTube or other video sharing platforms, but fail to track results. If you’re doing that, you’re missing out on a glorious opportunity to know your prospects better. You can use a tool like Google URL Builder to track your clicks and views to ensure you’re always keeping tabs on your prospects.