How To Direct a Ton Of Traffic To Your Explainer Videos Using Keyword Research

Making Explainer videos For Content Marketing

After creating your explainer videos, the next thing you will think about is how people will find them on YouTube and other Video sharing platforms. The answer is simple. They will find your explainer videos just like they find websites online. Users typically type out their keyword in the Google search bar and the search engine displays the results.

However, for your explainer videos to appear on top of search results, your topic must be competitive. Ideally, YouTube and other video sharing platforms utilize tags to allow search engines to pinpoint their location. Therefore, for search engines to find and index your explainer videos and avail them to viewers, you must incorporate your primary keywords in your tags. In this segment, we are going to look at smart tips to attract a lot of traffic to your explainer videos using keyword research:

Use Google Adwords tool to research keywords for your explainer videos

When you land on the homepage of the Google Adwords tool, type out a keyword that you’re sure people will be searching your videos for in the search functionality. Then, check out the synonym box. You will see a table with these columns; Keywords related to the keyword that you’ve type in, advertiser competition, Approx search volume, and Match type and choose columns to display. Select your preferred search option.

Choose the most relevant keywords for your explainer videos

Choose your target keywords that are most relevant to the theme of your explainer videos. Always go for low competition keywords, but those with high cost per click.

Include your chosen keywords to your explainer videos

Place the keywords in your explainer video title, tags, and description. It’s recommended that you position your URL at the start of your video description. This can increase the possibilities of searchers clicking through it.

Include a call to action in your explainer videos

The aim of creating explainer videos and uploading them to YouTube and other video sharing platforms is to direct customers to your website to take action. Make a point to include a compelling call to action at the end of the video. The call to action should include your website’s URL.

Place the explainer videos on your landing pages or web pages

YouTube provides you with a code to easily embed your explainer videos on your landing pages or web pages. Videos on your landing pages and web pages can significantly increase your conversions.


Whenever you make a new explainer video, repeat the same process. Note that your keyword popularity might change monthly. So do a new research for the same keyword again next month to enable you to keep pace with search engines changes and stay in front of the competition.