Making Explainer videos For Content Marketing

Making Explainer videos For Content Marketing

By now, you know that embedding any kind of video on your website’s homepage or landing pages can boost your ranking on search engines. Google has a high appetite for video content. Most videos that are competing with you for your keywords might not be up to scratch. But your aim is to create explainer videos and not just the regular kinds of videos. Regular videos might help your website, but they can’t be compared to explainer videos. Explainer videos will put you miles ahead of the competition. It’s actually weird that in this day and age, some websites do not have any explainer video that walks prospects through what they really do.

The impact of explainer videos

If a customer wants to order pizza online, he/she will likely type the words ‘’pizza’’ and include their location at the tail end. If you’re operating a Pizza restaurant in the area, your establishment will probably come up on top of the customer’s search results. But if your restaurant’s name doesn’t include the word pizza in it, it might not come up on the customer’s search results. Even if it comes up, the client may not click on that URL because it doesn’t offer any indication that it’s a pizza restaurant.

Using explainer video can get the customer to buy from your pizza restaurant quickly. Creating a short, compelling explainer video that includes the keyword ‘’Pizza takeaway’’ in the title, tags, and description will ensure your restaurant will come up on the customer’s search results. And since the explainer video is characteristically short, they will be encouraged to click on it and watch it to the end. By the time they watch the entire explainer video; they will have made their mind on whether or not to buy from you. That’s why it’s advisable to state how good your pizzas are in the description to motivate them to buy from you.

Explainer videos make it effortless for customers to spread word-of-mouth

One of the main reasons marketers and business people like to create explainer videos for their websites is that it’s able to sell itself. An explainer video is short and produced in such a way that anyone can understand the product message. In other words, it breaks down complex topics into easy to understand messages. So when viewers like your explainer videos and the message sinks in, they will take action, and if what you promise is what they get, they will easily spread the word about your brand.


Explainer videos can supercharge you brand and take it to the next level rapidly. So instead of spending a big chunk of your budget to creating text-based content. Channel most of it to creating explainer videos instead and watch the money rolling in.