How Women View Trump’s Politics

The political differences between President Trump and women have escalated and seem to be getting worse by the day. According to a recent poll, 65% of American women are against with Donald Trump’s presidency.

The president has been accused of sexual assault, Sexist politics, and vulgar comments. If these women come out to vote, they republicans could suffer a huge blow as they would vote against the president.

Among the women of color, the disapproval of Donald Trump is quite evident. Only 11% of the women of color support the working of the president. The millennial women also have a very low opinion of the president.

If the effect of this disapproval will be felt in the near future, these people must agree to vote. In the event that this does not happen, the women’s disapproval will not affect the US politics.

For all women living in the United States, only their votes will liberate them from Trump’s brutality against them. If you had planned not to vote, remember that your vote counts.

President Trump does not seem to care whether the women hate him or not. To him, this is just part of what he has been experiencing for his entire public life.

For instance, he has openly spoken against the issue of abortion and everything associated with it. He terms himself as a pro-life and believes that every child has a chance to greatness.

Trump’s open disdain is consistent and according to him, he can do anything to women. He claims that a woman who seeks an abortion and the doctor helping him should be punished.

The current rise of women in power has given some hope that women could liberate themselves from Trump’s oppression. If only the women would continue to mobilize one another in preparation for the oncoming elections, they will be free.