What Was the Women’s March on Washington All About?

The women’s march on Washington is a movement aimed at harnessing women’s political power. It is geared towards educating women about the issues that affect them. When this happens, it will be possible to dismantle oppression systems using nonviolent means.

Among the issues that the women’s marches on Washington advocates for are:

  • End to violence: it is the right of every woman to live a full and healthy life, without any form of violence against her body.
  • Right to reproductive health: every person should have access to quality healthcare services, HIV treatment and protection, birth control, and sexual education. Abortion should be legal for everyone and birth control services should be accessible.
  • Worker’s rights: Every woman should have access to a reasonable pay, affordable childcare, sick days, and a paid family leave. It is the right of every worker to fight for a minimum wage.
  • Civil rights: All women have a right to vote, worship, speak, and get protection. The race, age, or gender of the woman should not be used to discriminate any woman.
  • Disability rights: No woman should be discriminated because of a disability. A person with disabilities should enjoy the same rights as a person without a physical disability.
  • Environmental justice: every person deserves to get clean water, public lands, and clean air. The environment and the climate should be protected from exploitation.
  • Immigrant rights: Regardless of where an immigrant comes from, he deserves to enjoy refugees’ rights. According to them, no person is illegal.

The women believe that their rights are human rights and that human rights are their rights. They intend to live in a society where the blacks, natives, poor, immigrants, disabled, Muslims, and trans women, among others, enjoy equal rights. The march takes place every year and on each walk, more women are becoming a part of the movement.